Birthday: 1978
Siblings: Matthew (younger brother), Jen (younger sister)

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Kris attended the Mayfield School of Arts, not so much because he dreamed of being an actor, but because his friends attended the school. At 17, when a summer job as a lifeguard wasn't ideal, he answered a newspaper casting call and won a role on the Disney series Flash Forward. Things quickly snowballed from there.

Abandoning plans to study biochemistry in University, he instead moved to Prince Edward Island to work on the CBC series Emily of New Moon. His work on the show not only earned him a Gemini Award, it also brought him to the attention of various casting directors which lead to putting in some frequent flyer miles. He traveled to Dublin to film Newton: A Tale of Two Issacs, Romania for Teen Knight and Prague for Joan of Arc.

He also hasn't done too bad in Canada, appearing on La Femme Nikita and in movies such as eXistenZ, Ginger Snaps and Knockaround Guys. Moving over the border to Los Angeles hasn't didn't slow him down at all. He's appeared on Dragnet, was a series regular on My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star and had a recurring role on Joan of Arcadia as a fan favorite form of the Almighty.

His most recent feature film, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead, is currently making it's way around the film festival circuit.

Not bad for someone who once vowed that there was no way in hell they would ever be an actor!