01.30.10  Fans in Los Angeles can catch Kris on stage in The Moth Theatre's production of Geography of a Horse Dreamer by Sam Shepard. The play opened yesterday and runs until Saturday, March 6. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased through or calling by 323-666-2296. Visit The Moth Theatre's website for more information.

Also, you can check out some publicity stills on Flickr.

01.30.10  Following a sucessful film festival run, 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead' is hitting theaters (in a limited release) on April 16th!

11.19.09  It looks like Kris is back on the small screen next week in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode 'Random on Purpose' as a character named Tom Smith.

11.19.09  According to the IMdB Kris has a movie coming out in 2010 called 'Green Guys,' which is about "four young con artists starting a top-secret money laundering scheme - and are being slowly torn apart by their own greed and corruption."

10.23.09  'Grinder,' which Kris filmed way back in 2007, has been picked up by Seven Arts Pictures for foreign and domestic distribution. Hopefully we'll be seeing it on our screens soon!

10.23.09  According to the IMdB Kris has a film making the festival circuit, 'Fault Line,' which "is the story of a group of actors and artists living in Los Angeles who are struggling to find their humanity within the whirlwind of show business, parties, drugs, depression, money, lack of money, love, greed, ambition, addiction, art and technology."

04.09.09  According to the IMdB Kris appeared in another short film, 'Conversation with the Supplicant,' which appeared earlier this year at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

10.01.08  Kris is back on the small screen! He'll be appearing in the 24 TV movie 'Redemption' which will air on November 23. You can catch him in the extended trailer. Thanks to Starie for the info! You can also pre-order for the DVD for 24: Redemption from Amazon.

09.18.08  Grinder's official site has updated with a brief synopsis of the film and 4 teaser trailers. Unfortunately Quicktime and I are not seeing eye to eye at the moment, so I don't know if Kris features in any of them.

09.18.08  A short interview with Kris on 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern...' has been posted on MySpace. It also features some bits from the film itself. Thanks to Legend for the link.

03.18.08   The trailer for 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead' is up for viewing at Also, the official site for the movie can be found at Be warned that the teaser is a little spoilery for Kris' character.

12.16.07   An update over a IMDb says that Kris's character in 'Grinder' is named Preston Walsh. It also looks like Kris is also in another film, 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead' playing Vince. You can check out the plot summary of the latter on IMDb.

11.09.07   According to Fangoria Kris has signed onto the indie horror film 'Grinder'. The film is about "a group of college students on Thanksgiving break whose car breaks down in the Smokey Mountains. Stranded in the town of Chapman, they soon learn that the village’s namesake family comprises its entire population, and has murderous designs on their new guests.

You can also check out the film's official site, but at the moment it only contains a few teaser trailers.

10.17.07   The previously posted 'The Day the Dead Weren't Dead' trailer is apparently an older version. The official version is avaliable at YouTube as well as a teaser trailer for The FP. Thanks to Jason for the information!

10.03.07   It looks like Kris will be recurring on 'Ghost Whisperer'! He'll be back on this Friday's (October 5th) episode entitled "Don't Try This At Home" and appears on the show again in the episode "Weight Of What Was" on October 26th.

10.03.07   The trailer for 'The Day the Dead Weren't Dead' is available from and 'The FP' has a MySpace page. Thanks to Annie for the links!

09.23.07   It looks like Kris has been busy with a few short films. According to the IMDb he appears in 'The FP' and 'The Day the Dead Weren't Dead'. The latter will be screening at the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia on October 5th as part of 'Midnight Terror Theater'.

09.03.07   Kris guest stars on the season premiere of 'Ghost Whisperer' on CBS as "Scott the Ghost" on September 28th.

03.28.07   If you weren't already aware, last year Kris starred in a short film entitled 'Jack Rabbit'. You can learn more about it, his character, and check out some photos over at

02.26.07   Kris appeared in a recently on Pysch playing Brandon in the episode 'Poker? I Barely Know Her.' The episode reruns this Tuesday, February 27th at 1:00 AM. Check out the official site for an indepth synopsis and photos! Thanks to Dantil for the heads up!

10.23.06   Kris appears on Bravo's 'Even Scarier Movie Moments'. A rerun of the show airs on Friday, October 27th. You can check for more airings at Thanks to Steph for the heads up!

10.23.06   It looks like 'State's Evidence' will finally be coming out on DVD on November 7th! You can pre-order the movie from Amazon now.

06.26.06   Final Destination 3 will be released as a special 2-disc DVD set on July 25th. You can pre-order your copy from today.

01.31.06   According to NOW Magazine, 'A Simple Curve' is part of 'Canada's Top 10', Cinematheque's screenings of the 10 best Canuck films of 2005 and will be getting a wider release February 3. Also, don't forget 'Final Destination 3' opens February 10!

01.10.06   Sorry for an after-the-fact news bit: Kris was recently on the CBS series 'Criminal Minds,' he played Eddy Mays in the episode "Blood Hungry."

10.31.05 has the trailer for 'Final Destination 3' up! You can view it here. Also, the official site is now up at

08.24.05   Kris' movie 'A Simple Curve' will be showing at the Toronto International Film Festival in the Canada First! showcase. The festival runs from September 8-17. For ticket information and schedules go to

05.09.05   According to, Kris' character in FD3 is Ian, a punk rocker with an I'm 'smarter and better than anyone else here'-type attitude.

04.30.05   According to the, 'Idaho Peak' has been renamed 'A Simple Curve'.

04.11.05   According to Variety (via, Kris has signed on to the third Final Destination movie 'Cheating Death: Final Destination 3'.

10.27.04   Idaho Peak: Caleb (Kris) is 27, and was raised in the majestic Kootenays by his bush hippie parents. He loves his father Jim and understands his reverence for wood working, coriander and Soya products, but he just doesn't get Jim's determined effort to achieve economic disaster at every turn. His father is a relentlessly unsuccessful business man, and as the junior partner in their carpentry shop, Caleb is powerless to stop the fiscal self sabotage. When Matthew, an old friend of Jim's, arrives in the valley to develop a high-end fishing lodge, Caleb sees fortune looming, provided he can keep his father distracted long enough. But a small deception leads to colossal betrayal, and soon Caleb must face the fact that he's reached that treasured day when a boy becomes man enough to tell his father to fuck off. (From the IMDB) Thanks to Babigurl for the info.

10.21.04   Kris apparently has finished filming an independent film entitled 'Idaho Peak.' Unfortunately no info about the movie, his character or when the film will be released. Thanks to Arria for the info.