He Said...

"Anything dark I love. It's rare to find a role about young people who have something to say."
- On his role in 'Saint Jude' (Toronto Star, 1999)

"He's a bit of an ass, but he's funny and is certinaly not banal! The character is always part of the actor, no doubt."
- On the character of "Rex" (IH Magazine, 2003)

"I've actually gotten used to hearing someone call out 'God' and then turning around, which is really bizarre."
- On being recognized as "Cute Guy God" (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2004)

"He does spout some interesting facts that seem to be just right there on the tips of his fingers, and most of the weird stuff that I've talked about I have gone and researched. On the very first day of shooting I had a line about a concept called paradol, which is this human thing of seeing bizarre and, what we'd interpret as sort of prophetic images in very simple things - like seeing the Virgin Mary in a piece of burnt toast and how human beings seem to have this. The first day I had no idea, I had never heard of it before and it was just thrown in there in the script and it's something I had to sort of ramble off. During the read-through I asked Glen Morgan about it and he wrote me notes on it, he gave me websites to look at and it's been sort of an ongoing education, dealing with these random insertions of weird information."
- On his character and what he learned during the shoot (Final Destination 3 Press Kit Notes, 2006)

They Said...

"We wanted to kill them many, many days on the show... They got so into playing these two obnoxious losers that they became them, and we love the guys, but they almost didn't make it through any number of shooting days."
- Brian Koppelman, David Levien (writers/producters/directors, Knockaround Guys) on the difficulties of working with Kris and Dov Tiefenbach (DVD Commentary, 2003)

"He is an incorrigable show off! Kris puts great enthusiasm in every thing and very intelligently confers these qualities to his character."
- Jane Villiers (producer, My Little Eye) on Kris (IH Magazine, 2003)

"I think Kris Lemche, the first God that appeared--without the natural and real quality he brought to a character such as God, which is really hard to do and not get sucked up in this whole holier-than-thou thing--he's the one who really made the scenes work. He just got this real easygoing, James Dean, little-bit-of-sex-appeal with just a real loving, strong quality and he brings all of that into this character.

I think that that's what originally made everyone fall in love with the idea. He was so well-casted and really opened the floodgates to the show. If they had gotten someone who was a little too narcissistic, or a little too into the notion of God, it wouldn't have worked."
- Amber Tamblyn ('Joan', Joan of Arcadia) on some of her top favorite versions of god on her show (BeliefNet.com, 2004)

"...And then of course our original god, Kris Lemche, who plays quote un quote cute boy god on the show - he's fantastic. And I really kind of attribute a lot of the success of the show to him because if god didn't work, then the show wasn't going to work and Kris Lemche really made it work. So he's definitely one of my favorites."
- Michael Welch ('Luke', Joan of Arcadia) on which verison of the many versions of god is his favorite (TheStarScoop.com, 2005)

"I had a blast! Great cast. Love [costar] Kris Lemche [aka Joan of Arcadia's "Cute Boy God"], and shooting the death scene was the best part."
- Alexz Johnson on Final Destination 3 (2006)

* Quotes from IH Magazine were originally in Italian. Please forgive any inaccuracies as it's been years since I've studied the language!