February 21, 2000

Pix on Offer Feature Fresh Faces (2000 American Film Market)
- Ramin Zahed

HOLLYWOOD - In addition to attracting pic buyers and sellers from all over the globe, the American Film Market gives talent watchers a chance to keep an eye on up-and-coming helmets and thesps. Here are some of the relatively new players who are generating good buzz at the mart this year:

Kris Lemche, actor "Ginger Snaps" (Lions Gate)

When he was 17, Toronto-based actor Kris Lemche discovered that he was on the wrong career path. "I was a lifeguard, and I hated kids, so when my mother dared me to answer a casting call in the paper, I did it just so that she would stop bugging me about it," recalls Lemche.

Of course, his mother was right. Lemche aced the audition and got on Disney Channel's "Flash Forward," which led to a regular role on the popular "Emily of New Moon" series. After appearing in David Cronenberg's horrorfest "eXistenZ" and last year's TV mini "Joan of Arc," he's ready for the next stage in his career with a starring role in John Fawcett's tongue-in-cheek werewolf pic "Ginger Snaps."

"I play this ultra-cool, brooding James Dean type, which is great because you always dream of being like that in real life," says the young actor. "If you take the film on face value, it's a werewolf picture, but it's also a satire on the mundane reality of life in the suburbs."

Asked if he's ever tempted to move to Los Angles, the wise-beyond-his-years thesp replies, "I would love the warm weather, but I have a feeling the dog-eat-dog nature of the film business in L.A. could be too traumatizing for me."